About Dimitar Pentchev

“I still experience the childish curiosity urge to look at every photograph I take right in that moment and cherish and savour it. Sometimes I am tempted to close my eyes at the moment the shutter clicks as if to nudge the magic to happen. Maybe sometimes I actually do it. ”
Born in Bulgaria, Dimitar Pentchev calls Toronto, Canada his home. Award-winning composer and pianist, his interest in photography was sparked by a friend of his while he was living on the small and incredibly beautiful Isle of Man. Dimitar soon started exploring People and Event photography. For 3 years he was the official photographer for the high profile folk festival Yn Chruinnaght. His photographs have appeared in online publications and in print. Dimitar spends a lot of time and effort preparing for every photoshoot, making sure that he understands his subject well. He is interested mainly in natural light portraits, concert events, workshops.


I take on a very limited number of jobs. The reason is that the amount of time of time I spent planning, preparing and processing images is huge. Shooting is only the tip of the iceberg and I want to be able to keep the quality of the work and my emotional involvement with it at the highest possible level.


I currently shoot with both Nikon and some Canon gear. As long it is reliable, I don’t mind any brand. The rest is the creative taste I apply to everything I do

Music and Picture Show

For every single photoshoot I undertake, my clients get in addition to the package we agreed on, an EXCLUSIVE video slide show of the best photos, scored with original music by an Award-winning composer. This is something I haven’t seen been offered by any photography business.